Bungee Run


This is a must have for any event or celebration. It is every bit enjoyable for the spectator as it is for the participant. Two competitors go head to head to run the furthest and stick their Velcro marker at the farthest point, whilst restrained by the elastic cord fastened to your waist. You must stick your marker to the wall before the elastic catapults you backwards eliminating you from the race.

Discover the competitive side in everyone on the bungee run...

Suitable for both adults and children over the age of 8

Our fully trained staff will set up and collect the Bungee run at a time to suit your party or event or we can also stay to supervise the bungee run for you as with all of our inflatable units.

L 9.55M 32Ft
W 3.4M 11Ft
H 2.45M 8Ft


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