TCs - Bungee Run

Terms and Conditions for Bungee Run:-


The indemnity to the supplier under their public liability policy will not apply in connection with the legal liability for claims arising out of injury to persons, or damage to property, where these terms and conditions are not observed.

  1. Age –8 years up to Adult
  2. The minimum number of attendants to operate this device is one.
  3. Suppliers responsibility – if you have any reason to believe that the equipment has not been supplied in accordance with the below summary of HSE PM 76, do not sign these terms and conditions until you are satisfied the equipment is safe for use.
  4. Weather – The above equipment has been designed for use in indoor/outdoor conditions. However when wet the equipment may become slippery and therefore increase the possibility of injury to the users. In such cases the equipment should not be used. Where there are high winds the equipment should be deflated.
  5. Alcohol- It is required that the supervisor allow that no person under the influence of Alcohol be allowed to use the equipment at any time.
  6. Responsibility for loss/damage – The principle hirer accepts full and complete responsibility for all loss or damage to the above stated equipment whilst it is under their custody and control.
  7. HSE PM 76 – The equipment as stated above should be erected, supervised and used in accordance with the guidelines as set out in HSE PM 76, a summary of the relevant sections of which are attached as part of these terms and conditions of hire.
  8. The undersigned person who is over 18 years of age agrees as principle hirer of the above equipment to enforce the above terms and conditions
  9. The above terms and conditions to prevail over all others implied or written, at all times.


HSE PM Summary

Suppliers/erectors responsibility
It is a condition of the policy under which the Indemnity is being granted that the following inspections is carried out by the erector and such inspection should include:-

  • All anchor points are intact and not damaged.
  • Anchor ropes are not worn or chaffed.
  • Anchor stakes and their location remain sound for continued use.
  • The wall to tower fixings are not torn.
  • There are no holes or rips in the surface or seams of the bed and step/front apron.
  • When fully inflated all walls and towers (when fitted) are firm and upright and the pressure in the bed and step/front apron are sufficient to give a reliable firm footing.
  • The blower has no exposed wires or lose bolt, sockets and switches are not damaged.
  • Electric cables are not worn or chaffed and that plugs, sockets and switches are not damaged.

Hirers/Supervisors responsibility

  • Ensure that all users remove their footwear (except socks) and any other hard, or dangerous objects from persons such as buckles, pens, purses etc. Spectacles are best removed.
  • Not allow anyone jump on the steps/front apron.
  • Not allow anyone to climb or hang on the outside wall.
  • Ensure Bungee rope is behind the user before starting the run.
  • The operators should be proactive and use a whistle or other device and take action at the first sign of misbehaviour.
  • Ensure that there is no more than one person per lane on the Bungee at any one time.
  • Advise any one with neck or back problems not to use the Bungee

As with any amusement which involves a deliberate yanking action there is a clear risk of injury, it is the customer’s responsibility to ensure all participants fully understand the risks involved in participating and by participating they are exempting the risks.


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